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OPSEC Brochures & Information
Learn the risks of social media and how to keep yourself and your loved ones SAFE.

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MCO 3070.2A - The Marine Corps Operations Security (OPSEC) Program published July 2013.
File Size : 3 MB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
OPSEC and Internet Security Safety
Additional information on OPSEC and internet security safety.
File Size : 546 KB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
OPSEC Family Brochure
OPSEC information and tips for military families.
File Size : 1 MB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
Social Networking - Best Practices
Best practices on how to use social networking AND keep your information safe.
File Size : 1 MB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
Protecting Classified Information
Notice to all DOD Employees on protecting classified information.
File Size : 990 KB | Source: HQMC
Information Assurance Security Tips
This document contains VERY useful tips to help keep yourself and your family SAFE online.
File Size : 119 KB | Source: Department of Defense
A Self Help Guide to Antiterrorism
Chiefs of Staff Guide: This guide is designed to assist in making you and your family less vulnerable to
terrorists. You should review its contents and incorporate protective measures applicable
to your particular situation. It is important that you ensure all members of your family
are made aware ofthis valuable information so they not only protect themselves, but also
become an integral part of the overall community force protection effort.
File Size : 269 KB | Source: Joint Chiefs of Staff
Antiterrorism Protective Measures Pocket Guide
Joint Chiefs of Staff Guide: One page document with tips to protect your self and others from acts of terrorism.
File Size : 178 KB | Source: Joint Chiefs of Staff

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