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eMarine - Use this module as a place to download the software, tools, and other files used in this site.

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Book Signing Flyer 27 Mar 2014
This is the MCX Quantico book signing event flyer for 27 Mar 2014.
File Size : 282 KB | Source: HQMC MFZ
Overseas Commissaries to Remain Open During Government Shutdown
Overseas Commissaries to Remain Open During Government Shutdown
File Size : 85 KB | Source: HQMC
CAC Registration Instructions
Use these instructions to register your CAC with your existing eMarine account.
File Size : 792 KB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
Getting Started - Service Members!
This document is for SPONSORS who are subscribing to eMarine for the FIRST time. If you already have an eMarine account you will need to log into the system before you can subscribe to additional sites. If you experience any problems during this process please contact your Family Readiness Officer.
File Size : 599 KB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
Getting Started - Family Members!
Family Members, welcome to eMarine! This document will guide you through how to get subscribed to your unit.
File Size : 818 KB | Source: HQ Family Readiness
HTML Links
File Size : < 1 KB | Source: HTML
eMarine QR Code
eMarine QR Code
File Size : 13 KB | Source: HQMC
Mobile View Quick Reference Guide
Mobile View Quick Reference Guide
File Size : 888 KB | Source: HQMC Family Readiness

Chaplain Confidentiality Info (3)

All Navy chaplains have a professional obligation to keep all information disclosed to them, which is not intended for a third party, private. The documents in this category contain more information on your right to confidentiality.
Misc Downloadable Documents (1)

This category contains misc downloadable documents that are linked to an advertisement, announcement, or page outlet.
Social Media Smart Cards
FAQs Downloads (2)

FAQs Downloadable documents.
OPSEC Brochures & Information (8)

Learn the risks of social media and how to keep yourself and your loved ones SAFE.
Getting Started Guides (2)

This category contains the getting started support guides for all users.
Other Documents (3)

We post lots of documents on eMarine. Click this category to see what other documents are available!
USDA Summer Meals Program Info

Marine Corps Family Team Building
Volunteer Opportunities (1)

Volunteer Opportunities
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