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Mrs. Amos' Archived Photos
Photo Gallery for First Lady of the Marine Corps eMarine site.

Mrs. Amos' Archived Photos Categories
29 Palms Volunteers Jan 13 (12)

Volunteer event with CLB-7
8th and I Barbeque (6)

Garden party for 8th and I barbeque.
American Flag (1)

American Flag waving!
Chesty EGA Ceremony (18)

April 2013
Chris Pape (2)

Guest Blogger
CMC Home Decorating (20)

Decorating of CMC Home.
CMC Site Pics (1)

CMC Site Pics
Darwin Australia 27 Sept (13)

FLOTMC photos
EFMP (3)

Photos of Russo Family
Face Off (1)

Old and New Chesty
FLOTMC Afghanistan (20)

Christmas 2012 trip
FLOTMC Afghanistan1 (20)

Christmas 2012 Trip.
FLOTMC Afghanistan2 (20)

Christmas 2012 trip.
FLOTMC meets military spouses (7)

Mrs. Bonnie Amos, First Lady of the Marine Corps, speaks with military spouses aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, June 4, 2013. Mrs. Amos and Mrs. Cindy Fox spoke to the spouses of both Marines and Sailors regarding family readiness, to further the emotional support of military wives. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alexander Hill/FOUO)
FLOTMC Read Across America March 2013 (20)

FLOTMC reading at Ashurst Elementary School Quantico VA
FLOTMC Reading List Launch (20)

Photos from 20 Oct MCX Quantico event.
Fort Leavenworth/Leonard (21)

Spouse photos.
Holiday Photos (21)

Holiday Photos
Home Decorating Part II (20)

Holiday decoarting at the Home of the Commandants.
Home of the Commandants (1)

Holiday Decorating 2012
Hope and Care Center 31 Jan (15)

CMC attending ribbon cutting ceremony at WWE Hope and Care Center.
Inauguration Event Jan 2013 (13)

June 7th Photo Gallery (12)

Photos of Mrs. Amos for the week of June 7, 2012.

Photos from CMC and Mrs. Amos visit to MARFOREUR/AF
MC Child of the Year April 2013 (20)

Event held at Home of the Commandants 12 April 13
Meet and Greet MCB Hawaii (17)

Photos from meet and greet.
MFLC July Meeting (6)

July 2013
Military Child of the Year (2)

Photos of Mrs. Amos, the Military Child of the Year and her family.
Military Spouse of the Year (5)

Military Spouse of the Year 2012 luncheon!
Montford Point Marines (23)

Parade and Ceremony with Montford Point Marines
Montford Point Ship Christening (20)

San Diego March 2013
Mrs. Amos Personal Photos (2)

Mrs. Amos sitting in her office.
One Year Anniversary 2013 (20)

FLOTMC One year 16 May 2013
Quantico Book Signing (8)

Quantico Book signing at the Marine Corps Exchange on July 25th, 2013.
Read Across America Part 2 (10)

Photos from Read Across America Event March 2013
Sesame Workshop (5)

Photos from Sesame Street event.
Spouse Hiring Fair Quantico

Photos from the September 6, 2012
Spouse Hiring Fair Quantico (20)

Images from the spouse hiring fairs throughout USMC Installations
Spouse Job Fair Pictures (3)

Pictures taken during the spouse hiring fair.
Spouse of the Year Luncheon (17)

From CMC Reception May 10, 2012
Spouse Spotlight (2)

Photos for Spouse Spotlight
Volunteer Appreciation 2013 (12)

Various volunteer photos 2013.

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