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Mrs. Amos Weekly Message 23 May, 2014

Mrs. Amos Weekly Message 23 May, 2014
Military Spouse Appreciation Day & Lakesha Cole

We recently celebrated Military Spouse Appreciation Day, a day that honored those who have given up so much to live this crazy military life style.

It is our patience, sacrifice, and courage that keeps us moving in many directions all over the world. We’ve been promised adventure and travel and we’ve had our fair share of both.

Congratulations to Lakesha Cole for being named the 2014 Military Spouse of the Year. She is a truly inspiring woman and spouse.

You all contribute so much to the Marine Corps by sharing your time and talents, and for that we are grateful!

Please click here
to see the ALMAR in recognition of Military Spouse Appreciation.

-Hugs, Bonnie
Mrs. Bonnie Amos, Spouse of the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps
Source: HQMC

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