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Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Management Software

Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Management Software
Last month, Secretary Hagel ordered an extensive 30-day review of the Department of Defense's efforts to achieve the president's goal of creating a seamless health record that integrates Veterans Affairs and DoD data and modernizes the software supporting DoD clinicians and patients.

Following this review, Secretary Hagel directed that DoD will continue near-term coordinated efforts with the VA to develop data federation, presentation, and enhanced interoperability. This near term goal shall be pursued as a first priority.

To achieve longer-term modernization, Secretary Hagel directed that DoD will pursue a full and open competition for a core set of capabilities for healthcare management software modernization.

"Our objective is to provide the best possible health care for our service members with continuous quality care. Our service members and veterans, and their families, expect and deserve a seamless system to administer the benefits they have earned. Secretary Shinseki and I will continue to work closely together to deliver on that promise," said Secretary Hagel.

While these two efforts do not address the problem of the existing VA backlog, which is not driven by health record transfer timelines, they will greatly improve continuity of care and provide more immediate access to standardized and integrated health care data from DoD, VA and private sources for patients and clinicians.

In addition, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics will assume direct responsibility for DoD healthcare records interoperability and related modernization programs.
Source: US Department of Defense

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