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Military & Family Life Consultant Program.

Military & Family Life Consultant Program.
Need to Talk? Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLCs) are here to listen. MFLCs are available to help Marines, attached Sailors, spouses and children, and staff.

MFLCs can address:
* Deployment and reintegration
* Marriage and relationship issues
* Parenting and family issues
* Communication challenges
* Stress and anxiety
* Sadness, grief and loss
* Daily life issues

Counseling and training are FREE and ANONYMOUS. No records are kept by a MFLC. Exceptions to confidentiality include duty-to-warn cases. Helping you is their priority!

After-hours and weekend appointments are available. Group or offsite meetings can be arranged.

Please see your local Installation Family Advocacy Program website for more MFLC information. Additional MFLC information or brochures can be found at Installation Family Centers, Family Advocacy Program Office, etc.

Click here to read the Feb 2013 Marine Corps Times Article “More counselors for Marines and Dependents”.

Click here to view MFLC Frequently Asked Questions.
Source: Behavioral Health Branch, Future Operations (MFC6)

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