New Construction Announced for New York Marine Corp Installation

A quick announcement for those interested in the Marine Corps installation in Garden City, NY.  There has been announced a series of construction projects aimed at improving the appearance of the installation, as well as fix some long standing issues.  We will hopefully see a fresh look and some new and improved features get implemented by some expert construction companies and contractors throughout the next few months.

Similar projects have already taken place to repair roofs and other infrastructure at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island and Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, and we are happy to see budget get allocated to fix some of our marine barracks and installations as well.  The tides of bureacracy move slowly, but surely, so we thank everyone involved for their efforts in getting this accomplished.

What is Going to Be Improved?

There are many areas of focus, most of which will not be visible to the general public.  Infrastructure updates that include things like duct work, plumbing, heat and ventilation, roofing and other items that will help insure a functioning and comfortable area for residents, staff and the general public.  Additionally there will be some aesthetic updates involving new paint, updated woodwork, and other elements that will prsent a more polished look to visitors.

When Will It Be Done?

The work will begin the first quarter of 2018 and progress for a period of 3 months, finishing by spring of 2018.  If all goes to plan the work will be completed on time and within budget.  Of course, this is subject to unforeseen delays, as can be expected with any construction or contractor project.

Will You Be Affected?

The work should not affect the normal course of business on the installation or the surrounding areas.  Please contact the installation staff if you have any other questions or more specific inquiries regarding this ongoing work.